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Saint Francis of Assisis  

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current activities

Current plant planting

  eating what we grow

type of food we eat, photos, some recepties, some innovative approaches, fusion, inspiration from 20 countries we lived in. 

  plant profiles
plant profiles
discussion on issues related to problem with some plants  

climate, metrology, soil conditions on Ven

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  our objectives and motivation

"Glans at the sun. See the moon and the stars. Gaze at the beauty of the earth." 
Hildegard of Bingen

Ecolanum is developing methodologies for the sustainable horticulture and small scale complementary food production. The underlying research ground is a Botanical Garden incorporating “edible forest” concept.
Until now the activities were conducted on the non-profit basis as the owners  dispose of the  private economic resources and  the emphasis was concentrated on the garden development phase and research 
As an example of an "edible forest" , the radicchio lettuce on the photo grows everywhere all the year round and summer time, in the second year flowers beautifully. 
our input to the


our objectives; Environmental Restoration and Rewilding


  our personal responsibility  


our "ecological footprint"



  location, we are here


we are on the main road, Landsvägen 66, 10 minutes walk from the harbour (the ferry arrives from Landskrona )  
looking towards the harbour 
looking from our location towards the harbour   


  moving from Vienna/Austria


In June we have celebrated a 5 years anniversary at the current location. June 2017, the truck with plants is boarding ferry to Ven, The island of Ven is visible at the horizon.
we have moved with our plants from Vienna/Austria to Ven/Sweden in June 2017 
For the sake of an experiment we try to be as self-sustained as possible.  As we are not generating any income we need to use financial resources from USA in order to subsidize the development phase which when accomplished should minimize needs of the external resources. Our objective is to  operate on a non-profit basis.


  history of Ecolanum


early spring 2017 (our future garden)
we bought a piece of land. There was an old house on the property which serves as  very luxurious "garden house"
  june 2022


2017    2020 


Juni 2017   
After 2 days of transportation from Vienna, the last stage, offloading the plants after arrival on Ven


early spring 2017 (our future garden) june 2022




  Specific plant cultivation issues


click on the photo
I would like to know how the following plants grow  in a winter garden
click on the photo  
examples of the cold resistance of some plants in various locations and conditions
Vegetables in the forest "food forest"
early autumn, some flower still persist and some flowers which bloom early spring are already appearing



the  plants we have replaced. Some died in the last 10 years

froze in Vienna, much loved in Korea
  Cornus Frlorida, Cherokee Chief, died on Ven due to  too much water   Asimina, we need a pollinator, we have a few "clones"


problems       brach    
Dahlia Imperialis
how to bring this plant to bloom 
  Meconopsis betonicifolia
´we have never succeded the plant to survive to the next year
we have around 30 years old tree, still waiting on flowers
  Asimina triloba
we need more fruits


Photo 2020


  plant acquisitions

Cytisus battandieri - Trees and Shrubs Online plant collection, intresting plants to buy
Euonymus alatus (Burning Bush) 22 list, inventory of plants we want to buy, some previous purchases, documentation, list of intresting plants
No photo description available. plants to order
  plants ordered from Esveld in 2023 spring  
our search list from 2000, we marked plants we have now
the list of special plants we will buy  
2000-2005 some plants we purcased at Zetas in Stockholm moved to Vienna and now to Ven
Spartium junceum (Spanish Broom)
some of the plants purchesed in that period from
2019-till nu list of seeds purcesed at 
2000-2009 Esveld our main source of rare plants  
  a list of plant names
  reference list, some ordered some with photots
  some possible choices, some phtos, vivaio
  a long list, possible choices
  the orders 2021



  Climate, growing conditions



naturreservat The protection of Ven's nature reserve areas and ecological diversity



growing plants on Ven
climate, soil, problems




  inherited problems


Plastic contamination, the previous owner left.  




thin silage plastic disintegrates contaminating ground water and the sea,
we have "inherited" a large amount of manure
unfortunately it is a "lasagne" of manure and plastics 
Contamination,  plast förorening
SITUATION 2020-03-07
here are some idea what to do with it
We received some ideas but more are welcomed
Microplastic, scientific view



  garden and eating it's products


MAT/FOOD we eat
Hares we are almost forced to eat, for the sake of reusing resources. (sustainability cycle, about Ven's ecology, why in normal condition we would need to eat meat )


  other gardens


"art in the garden"
we are inspired by the Austrian artist and garden owner  Andre Heller
(den har vi inte besökt)




Axel Munthe
Garden and the wellbeing of soul 



Franziska von Wertheimstein
Franziska von Wertheimstein, on the right, and her famous  garden in Vienna 
Franziska von Wertheimstein, aspirations of the new Jewish upper class



Parco dei Mostri
16-century garden in italy
fantastic maneristic sculptures

exceptional in the world



  koi fish






  rain water management



rain water management



  some drone photos



Drone photos   
 today's drone photos, visibility maybe not the best but no wind


Tycho Brahe's "castle"
Today's outline



  our italian past



Italia nostra



  Issues and problems, reasearch areas


Concepts and means of the rain water management, solutions, ponds, water retention etc.
Soil PH level management, the soil on VEN is very  alkaline
Concepts, various solutions and biological and mechanical management of weeds, methodology of reduction of weeds in large areas, replacement by other viable plants.
Design of the system aiming at extraction of plastic/micro plastic  from contaminated soil
pollination principles, for chestnut trees, persimmon etc. 
bee keeping 
Evaluation and improvement of the biological water filtering system installed around the koi pond.  
Assessment of needs for a natural habitat for roe deer which were introduced to the island and which are fed to survive.
9 reduction of nitrogen in the soil






our dog



Trying to home pigeons
The mink has decimated our pigeons
The pigeon on photo, Suzzi survived with a demaged wing. We fixed the wing and is able to fly.
Warning, unpleasent pictures


Garden Design Design 


Breaking through own fears and doubts



22 May
Reason why we have fences, the roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), damage our plants


  about us, personal notes


Personal Notes  
Martina Richard






Some intresting links and publications 



  Socio-economics of Ven     
Demography: Between 370 and 380 people live permanently on the Island. By very superficial evaluation we have an impression that the demographic (age group) pyramided is very skew. Proportionally there are very few children and young people living permanently on Ven. Many houses are owned by summer guests and the population increases manifold during the summer months.  
Socioeconomically we belong to the group of retirees whose interest is to maintain wide spectrum and good services; we do not care about tourism and try to protect our gardens from the roe deer. On the other hand the level of local services is dependent on the prosperity and activates of all other groups. No activities on the island means no base for social services.  

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parco dei

art in a garden
conta-mination  microplastic


our best dishes
gardening on Ven
Franziska von Wertheim-stein
our movies


our objectives
Environmental Restoration
our mottos
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our twitter



Summary of 2021 





taiwan sorting old pictures  
I was  nervous to make photos as i was not sure if it was OK, but i was encouraged and explained to feel free to make photos.  
Taiwan, Chinese tempel del 1
Taiwan, Chinese tempel del 2



Our inspiration and the source of ideas 



2020  jubileum
efter 3 år vårt catalpa träd har fått blommor igen som det var i Wien innan trädet flyttades till Ven, det är värt att celebrera och påmina oss hur det var ...



the site is growing chaotically every day, like a garden







Life at Ecolanum, plants flowering currently photos
June 2023