the lorry is leaving Vienna with our plants , (we follow) the lorry trailer arrives at the Landskrona  harbour, being loaded on the ferry.


ln Vienna/Austria we have gathered a good  collection of rare plants. Under pressure of the property development we had to move out.  The botanical garden in Uppsala recommended us to move our plants to the Island of Ven. We found a piece of land, farming buildings and an acceptable dwelling possibility.




How it started, moving plants to Ven 
we moved plants from Vienna to Ven



we have moved with our plants from Vienna to Ven in June 2017 








Moving the plants  to Sweden
  preparation of plants, trees to moved to Sweden    
  packing into the trailer   
  off we go to Sweden   







all plants were put into containers in spring 2017 Loading plants into the trailer in Vienna, June 2017 The trailer leaves Vienna in June 2017   After 4 days the trailer drives on the ferry in Landskrona/Sweden destined for Ven. at the horizon on can see the island of Ven