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We try to record and collect data about interesting plants (which grow or may try to grow) growing in an area where the winter temperature falls as follows 0 to -5 C and -5 to -10 C and maybe in the glasshouse 5 to 0 C, i.e. just above freezing. Since 2017, when we moved to Ven the minimum temperature was at - 5 with a one-night "bottom" -11C
(we are purely non-profit, non-commercial, pure hobby)



STATE temp
protection/ other growing conditions rapporteur
and photo origin
Dicksonia Antarctica  May be an image of outdoors and tree leave damaged
may recover 
-7 in a yard  Suzanne Porter
Schefflera schweliensis
stems squidgy -9 against a wall but in pot Sean Barton
dec 2022
Fatsia megafatsia OK -9 in pot Sean Barton



data from United Kingdom from Mike Collins, in process of collection


Irland, will come    


SWEDEN, Ecolanum's Ven, and other locations in Sweden


December 2022, the cold spell period, 13 days below zero,  almost no wind, humid during the days,


The cold weather did not affect any  of the following plants (sensitive for the low temperature)
- figs
- Fatsia Japonica
- Eriobotrya japonica
- Ceanothus thyrsiflorus
- Bamboo, all "standard" genus
- Cornus carlesii - leaves stay on


our assessment is that our location on the island of VEN judging by temperature only could be classified as USD zone  hardiness 5-8, In reality the survival of plants depends on
- degree of protection from winds, very strong winds from the sea
- In spring,  the temperature, during long periods, oscillates  between+10/-3 within 24 hours
- cold and deferred spring, warm and long fall.

Soil on Ven: at Ecolanum mostly clay


  STATE   protection/ other growing conditions rapporteur
Podranea Ricasoliana
See the source image
Died 2022
probably the roots froze, the bark can be peeled off easily
-3 put in a barn for protection  
Magnolia Grandiflora   OK
gets flowers
-11 C  a house as a protection, 5 m away, from east Ecolanum 
Tetrapanax 'Rex'   recovers from roots -20 C    Ludvig Johansson
Paulownia fortunei   flowers -20 C    Ludvig Johansson
Castanea sativa   no flowering -20 C    Ludvig Johansson
 fig   no problems
-11 C  protected  from 3 sides Ecolanum 
oleander   died
-11 C  from one side Ecolanum 
Fatsia Japonica   died to the ground
-11 C  not protected, was flooded some period Ecolanum 
Arbutus indeo   gives fruits -11 C  one side, wooden fence, west Ecolanum 
Castanea sativa   no problems
fruit after introducing the second tree
-11 C  not protected Ecolanum 
Paulownia Tomentosa   flowers and fruits/seeds -11 C  not protected Ecolanum 
Paulownia Tomentosa   flower, fruits   protected, in a town squere Malmö 
Paulownia Tomentosa   OK -20?  protected by houses in the courtyard Ebba Sigfridsdotter
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus, evergreen   suffered frost burns
-11   protected by a fence from one side Ecolanum 
Ceanothus x delileanus 'Gloire de Versailles'   the thicker branches survived -11     Ecolanum 
Ceanothus x delileanus 'Gloire de Versailles'   died to the ground -20    Vienna 
Tetrapanax papyrifer 'Rex'   died -11  protected by a wrapping Ecolanum 
Eriobotrya japonica   no flowers yet -11  protected Ecolanum 
Gunnera manicata   died -11  was slightly  protected Ecolanum 
Gunnera manicata   recoverd from the root -20  protected Vienna 
various bamboo   no problms -11    Ecolanum 
various bamboo   some suffered -20    Vienna 




United Kingdom