examples of the cold resistance of some plants in various locations and conditions


our assessment is that our location on the island of VEN can be classified as US zone  hardiness 5-7, depending on protection from winds


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geo location photo annual maturity protection/ other growing conditions min tempe-rature in the last 5 years reporter
Magnolia Grandiflora Ven
from our garden
flower house 5 m from east -11 C  
Tetrapanax 'Rex' Skövde   recovers from roots   -20 C Ludvig Johansson

Paulownia fortunei
Skövde   flowers   -20 Ludvig Johansson
Castanea sativa Skövde   no flowering   - 30 C Ludvig Johansson

our garden
fruits protected  from 3 sides -11 C  
oleander Ven died 2020/21 from one side -11 C  
Fatsia Japonica Ven died 2020/21 not protected, was flooded some period -11 C  
Arbutus indeo Ven   fruit one side, wooden fence, west -11 C  
Castanea sativa Ven   fruit after introducing the second tree not protected -11 C  
Paulownia Tomentosa Ven
our garden
flower and fruits not protected -11 C  
Paulownia Tomentosa Malmö   flower, fruits protected in a town squere    
Paulownia Tomentosa Uppsala   protected by houses in the courtyard   Ebba Sigfridsdotter

Ceanothus thyrsiflorus, evergreen
Ven ,
our garden
suffered frost burns
protected by a fence from one side -11 C  

Ceanothus x delileanus 'Gloire de Versailles'
Ven the branches survive   -11C  
Ceanothus x delileanus 'Gloire de Versailles' Vienna/ Auatria Ceanothus × delileanus 'Gloire de Versailles' (California Lilac) died to the ground   -20  

Tetrapanax papyrifer 'Rex'
Ven   suffers protected by a wrapping -11C  
Eriobotrya japonica Ven
our garden
no flowers yet protected -11C  
Gunnera manicata   died   was slightly  protected -11C  
various bamboo ven   no problms      
various bamboo Vienna   some suffered   -20  
I would like to know the practical hardiness of the following plants            
hardy Scheflera