Growing Dahlia Imperialis , until now,  a disappointing exercise



  Dahlia imperialis in Tokyo Botanic Garden, it was my first encounter with this fantastic plants. Since then I started an effort to grow this plant first in Vienna then in Sweden
  A Dahlia Imperialis at the Bergianska Botanic Garden in Stockholm, I will ask them if they got flowers.
2017 The first attempt to grow it in Vienna  from Rhizomes was promising, The plants reached 2 - 2.5 meters but the as the winter was approaching the plant started to wither and so much expected blossom  never occurred
2019 The next attempt was conducted in Sweden, again the plant was growing vigorously and as the fall was approaching i took the Dahlia indoors provided with extensive artificial light but the plant started to wither, lose leaves again without the flowering. (the temperature was around 15 degrees.
2020 The some of the Dahlias survived the winter and i started to grow it  outside again. The growth was reduced but i succeeded to take cuts from the old stems using  layering.  By the end of 2020 no  flower occurred. The  old plants are not in a good conditions and i hope they have produced rhizomes